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Cellglo Blanc Pur

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Cellglo Blanc Pur removes dark blemishes on the skin. It also targets skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, and skin discoloration. It creates cyclic and dynamic balance in the skin with comprehensively and effectively solving skin problems. Its main function is to allow the body to restore and preserve its youthful qualities, it is effective in the long term to keep whitening healthy skin from the inside out.

Suitable for these skin types: Dry and loose skin / Dark spots / Yellowish / Uneven / Old spots / Freckles / Fine lines & Wrinkles / Dull     

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Tremella Fuciformis Extract, Olive Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Black Turmeric Extract, Chia Seeds, Apple Stem Cell, Peach Extract, Fructose

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Mix 1 or 2 sachets with 150ml mineral water/filter water. Stir till the powder is dissolved and consume immediately. Suggest taking 1 to 2 sachets daily after 6 pm.

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