Elephant Condom 3D G-Studs (3's)

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Elephant Condom 3D G-Studs (3's)

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➥ 264 3D Large Particles design to stimulate her sensitive vagina!! make her scream endlessly.
➥ More intense, more exciting​!

➠ 264个3D大颗粒,让她嘶吼起来的套套。
➠ 凸点刺激,更快高潮!

Brand Name: Elephant Condom
Product Name: G-Studs
Shelf Life: 5 years
Specification: 3pcs
Nominal Size: Medium (Width 52±2mm)
Condom Thickness: Extra Thin
Condom Features: 550mg Premium Lubricants
Material Composition: Natural Latex
Appearance shape: 3D Large Particles (264 particles)

产品名称: G点大颗粒
保质期: 5年
规格: 3只装
标称大小: 中号(宽度52±2mm)
安全套厚薄: 薄型
功能特点: 550mg 高级润滑油
材质成分: 天然胶乳
外观形状: 264个 3D大颗粒

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Elephant Condom 3D G-Studs (3's)