Elephant Condom Nothing 003 Real Fit (3's)

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Elephant Condom Nothing 003 Real Fit (3's)

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⥱ Designed with special without reservoir tip, the shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience

⥱ 0.03mm Thin Feel: Maximize sensitivity for enhanced pleasure comfort and more real feelings

⥱ Unique Premium quality latex that helps reduce the risk, Triple-tested electronically to help ensure reliability

⥱ 大象无储精囊,拒绝距离,柔软更贴合。

⥱ 0.03mm 薄度,3D仿生设计,紧密更真实

⥱ 三倍的电子测试,以确保可靠性,搭配着优质乳胶,不易破

Brand Name: Elephant Condom
Product Name: Nothing Real Fit 003
Shelf Life: 5 years
Specifications: 3pcs
Thinness: 0.03mm
Nominal Size: M size (Width: 52±2mm)
Condom Features: Without Reservoir-ended, Feel the real fit
Material Composition: Natural Latex

产品名称: Nothing无储薄 
保质期: 5年
规格: 3只装
薄度: 0.03mm 超薄型
标称大小: 中号(宽度52±2mm)
功能特点: 无储贴合,感觉更真实
材质成分: 胶乳

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Elephant Condom Nothing 003 Real Fit (3's)