Elephant Condom Nothing 003 Ultra Thin (10s')

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Elephant Condom Nothing 003 Ultra Thin (10s')

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⤜ Ultra Soft, light, and Extra Sensitive enjoy intimacy like never before, wear like NOTHING

⤜ 0.03mm Thin Feel: Thinner than standard latex condoms, Invisible condom texture to maximize your sensation and more real feelings

⤜ Made from high-quality, low scent premium latex with supreme tensile strength and resistance to breakage

⤜ 受前所未有的亲密,这就是真真的 003 ~ 超轻薄,不是一无所有,而是近乎裸奔

⤜ 0.03mm超薄款:比普通乳胶避孕套更薄,隐形超薄的质感,让你的感觉更真实

⤜ 由高品质,低气味优质乳胶制成,具有较高的抗拉强度和抗破碎性,不易破损

Brand Name: Elephant Condom
Product Name: Nothing Ultra-Thin
Shelf Life: 5 years
Specification: 10pcs
Nominal Size: M (Width 52±2mm)
Condom Thickness: 003 (Real Thickness 0.03 - 0.039m)
Features: Soft, Light & Thin,Wear like Nothing
Material Composition: Premium Natural Latex

产品名称: Nothing 超轻薄
保质期: 5年
规格: 10只装
标称大小: 中号(宽度52±2mm)
厚薄: 超薄型 003 (真真薄度 0.03-0.039mm)
功能特点: 轻如羽毛, 戴像没戴
材质成分: 高级天然胶乳

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Elephant Condom Nothing 003 Ultra Thin (10s')