EMF Active 1L

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EMF Active 1L

Flower lovers, planting and aquaculture friends!!!
Probiotics (EMF-Active)
-Can promote plant growth
-Improve plant disease resistance
-Effectively improve the quality of plant fruits
-Purify the aquaculture environment
-Improve the survival rate of fish and shrimp
-Prevent fish and shrimp diseases
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The specific function of EMF probiotic fertilizer:-

Form a good environment suitable for the growth and development of crops, improve soil structure, promote agglomeration, improve soil fertility, increase soil permeability, water retention, and air permeability, and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides year by year.
Accelerate the decomposition of soil organic matter and significantly increase the effective nutrient content; enable effective microorganisms in the soil to rapidly multiply and continuously replenish, and inhibit the invasion and development of pathogenic microorganisms in the soil.
Promote the increase in the number of soil micro-animals (such as beneficial mites, earthworms, and beetles) that feed on microorganisms and their decomposition products, and fundamentally change the composition of the micro-ecosystem of the entire cultivated layer, and improve the biological activity and buffering capacity of the soil.

#emfactive Biological bacteria liquid (100% organic) cultivation
#emfactiveplus Biological bacteria liquid (100% organic) cultivation
#emfbiofertz compound fertilizer (semi-organic) planting
#emfguard (100% organic) insect repellent
#emfdurianguard (100% organic) black heart

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EMF Active 1L