Okaybuy Guarantee


Okaybuy Guarantee is a feature whereby Okaybuy holds payment temporarily to ensure the order is successfully fulfilled before releasing the payment to the seller.


Okaybuy Guarantee Buyer's Highlight:

Safe Payment - Payment made for each order will be held safely by Okaybuy and will only be released to the seller once the order is completed.

Valid Shipment - Seller will be notified to ship the item within the number of days stated in "Days To Ship". Should they fail to do so, order may be cancelled by our system.

Okaybuy Guarantee Extend - Buyers will be allowed to extend Okaybuy Guarantee period by 3 days for each order. This feature is usually used when the item is unable to be delivered due to public holidays / weekend.

Request for Refunds - If buyer is dissatisfied with item / did not receive item, they may request for a refund and payment will be withheld from the seller until the case is resolved. 


Before you click on Order Received to release the payment to the seller, please ensure that:

  • You have received all the item(s) you purchased through your order
  • You have received the correct size, colour and / or variation you ordered
  • Item is NOT damaged
  • Item is working as per intended
  • Item is as per claimed by seller (from product picture and / or product description)

Do take note that once you clicked on "Order Received" the payment will be released to the seller and you will not be able to request for refund after that. Want to know more about return and refund requests? Checkout this article "Refund Policy’’.


Okaybuy Guarantee Period is calculated based on seller's [Days To Ship] and [Estimated Delivery Time].

For example:

Order was paid on January 1st

Days to Ship = 3 Days

Estimated Delivery Time = 5 Days

Buyer Confirmation Time = 3 Days

Okaybuy Guarantee Period: 3 (Days to Ship) + 5 (Estimated Delivery Time) + 3 (Buyer Confirmation Time) = 11 days